I used early woodcuts of the New World as source material to redraw a three-dimensional stage-like environment and create flash animations. Many 16th to 18th century depictions of the New World are skewed towards lushness and adventure, including a tendency to depict an overpowering sexuality or monstrosity in plants, Native Americans, and the landscape. Woodcuts and engravings were the first images able to be mass produced and distributed, and were instrumental in popularizing the New World as being wild and ready for conquest.  The landscape and plants in the installation are digitally spliced together from travel accounts, botanical studies, and advertising cuts, and then redrawn with sharpie marker on Masonite and wood.

The viewer can walk among the cutouts to view the animations. The animations humorously illustrate narrative voice-overs from educational science videos dealing with genetic engineering, cloning, endangered species, domestication of animals, and resource management, emphasizing contemporary discourses of plenitude and reproduction.


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