Environmental Monitoring Wallpaper

Environmental Monitoring Wallpaper, 2010
Filters, mixed media, pollutants

Environmental Monitoring Wallpaper is a DIY prototype for visualizing potential pollutants in the home. One filter is made of fine mesh nylon with a plastic resit pattern that I placed over a leaking bathtub facet. The result: brown stains, probably indicating iron from the pipes. The second is an air filter with a lung-like pattern stenciled onto it. After being in my air purifier for a month, I could see how much dust and air borne debris had collected.

Originally the plan was to create several hundred filters and disperse them in Brooklyn, NY, where participants would monitor their air and water for a month, after which filters would be colour coded and geotagged to show different levels of particulate matter in different areas. However, the project has not yet been funded.

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