Object Ethnography Project

Object Ethnography Project, 2011-present
Online exchange platform
Access and participate in the Object Ethnography Project here.

Rule of exchange: You can take anything if you pay with a story about it.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 11.05.20 AMEach of the objects in the Object Ethnography Project has been donated by an ordinary person. Each object has a story. All these objects are available for exchange. You, or anyone else, can trade for any object by offering a new story about it. What attracts you to the object? What will you do with it? How will the object spend its time in your possession? Once a story has been offered for exchange, the object will be mailed to its new owner.

These objects and their stories will become the basis of a research project to see how narrative influence worth, economies, and circulation. The Object Ethnography Project aims to show how stories influence the value, meaning and circulation of objects. It is a creative laboratory where participants determine the outcome of the cultural experiment.

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