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Ph.D., Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, 2012
Dissertation Title: Redefining Pollution: Plastics in the Wild (Open Access)

M.F.A., Studio Art, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2006
Advanced Graduate Certificate in Cultural Studies, 2006
Thesis: Dioramas and Hybridity: Stories and Concepts of Nature

B.F.A. with Distinction, Mount Allison University, 2002


Associate Vice-President (Indigenous Research) pro tempore, Office of the Vice President Research, Memorial University (1-year appointment), 2018-2019

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2016-present
Cross-appointed to Department of Sociology, Program in Environmental Sciences, and Marine Institute Fisheries and Oceans program

Chair of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Memorial University of Newfoundland (2-year term), 2015-2017

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2014-2016

Postdoctoral Fellow, Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute, Northeastern University, September 2013 – July 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow, Intel Center for Science and Technology in Social Computing (ICST-S), New York University, January 2013 – August 2013

Publications: see Writing page


Community monitoring of plastic pollution in wild food and environments in Nunatsiavut.  Northern Contaminants Program (NCP), Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring (ICBCM). 2018-2022Co-Is: Max Liboiron, Liz Pijogge (Nunatsiavut Government), Collaborator: Rodd Laing (Nunatsiavut Government).

State of the Knowledge study on plastic marine debris in Newfoundland and Labrador. Oceans Management Contribution Program, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). 2018-2020. PI: Max Liboiron.

Food, Contaminants, and Culture: Marine plastics and methylmercury contamination in wild food around Lake Melville. Seed, Bridge, and Multidisciplinary Fund, Memorial University of Newfoundland. 2018-2020. Co-Is: Max Liboiron, Ashlee Cunsolo (Labrador Institute).

Placing Science: Implementing Feminist, Indigenous, and Decolonial Theories of Place and Land in the Laboratory. SSHRC Insight Grant # 435-2017-0567. 2017-2023. PI: Max Liboiron; Co-Is: Charles Mather (MUN, Geography) & Michelle Murphy (University of Toronto, Women & Gender Studies); Collaborators: Carissa Brown (MUN, Geography), Chelsea Rochman (University of Toronto, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology), & Richard Chavolla (Elder, Kumeyaay Nation).

Monitoring Marine Plastics in Canada’s North, The Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR). 2015 -2018. PI: Max Liboiron; Partners: Yolanda Wiersma (MUN, Biology), Charles Mather (MUN, Geography), Dean Bavington (MUN, Geography), Josh Lepawsky (MUN, Geography), Mario Blaser (MUN, Anthropology), Jenna Jambeck (University of Virginia, Engineering), Mark Mallory (Acadia, Environmental Science), and NGOs: 5 Gyres, Coastal Connections, Scope Ecological, Let’s Talk Science, the Nunavut Research Institute, and Environment Canada.

Action Research Methodologies for the Anthropocene: Knowing Ocean Plastics Through Participatory Citizen Science. SSHRC Insight Development Grant #430-2015-00413. 2015 -2018.  PI: Max Liboiron; Co-Is: Charles Mather & Dean Bavington (MUN, Geography); Collaborators: Josh Lepawsky (MUN, Geography); Mario Blaser (MUN, Anthropology).

Place-based scientific instruments: Do-it-yourself citizen science trawls for monitoring marine plastics in extreme environments, Seed, Bridge, and Multidisciplinary Fund, Memorial University of Newfoundland. 2016-2017. PI: Max Liboiron; Collaborators: Josh Lepawsky (MUN, Geography), Paul Winger (MUN, Marine Institute).

Citizen Science on Marine Plastic Pollution in Newfoundland and Labrador K-12 Schools, Public Engagement Accelerator Fund, Memorial University of Newfoundland. 2016-2017.  PI: Max Liboiron.


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