Current Projects

Liboiron’s projects stretch across the physical and social sciences. The following are the main containers for multiple sub-projects:

Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR)
CLEAR is a feminist, anti-colonial, marine science laboratory that studies plastic pollution. Our goal is to create methodologies for field and bench science grounded in the values of feminist and anti-colonial thought such as equity and humility, from how we choose research questions (and with whom), to regularizing community self-determination by soliciting community peer review before publication. The lab has over 20 members from a variety of disciplines and career stages. Collaboratively, we seek to change how science is done.

Pollution is Colonialism
Taking plastic pollution as its case study, this text is primarily a methods text that makes the case that methodology is always a land relation. Focusing on plastic pollution, the book models an anticolonial scientific practice aligned with Indigenous, particularly Métis, concepts of land, ethics, and relations.
Pollution is Colonialism was published in May, 2021.
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The introduction is free online here.
Interviews on the book have been published by Duke Press and NextNature Net.

Discard Studies
Critical Discard Studies is a relatively young interdisciplinary field that takes waste and wasting, broadly defined, as its topic of study. The field questions premises of what seems normal or given, and analyzes the wider role of society and culture, including social norms, economic systems, forms of labour, ideology, infrastructure and power in definitions of, attitudes toward, behaviours around, and materialities of waste, broadly defined. Max Liboiron is Managing Editor of The Discard Studies Blog, which is designed as an online gathering place for scholars, activists, environmentalists, students, artists, planners, and others whose work touches on themes relevant to the study of waste and wasting. They are also co-author, with Josh Lepawsky, of the forthcoming book Discard Studies: Wasting, Systems, and Power (MIT Press, April 2022).