Founder/Worker, 2011
Trash, mixed media
Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center, Bronx, NY, USA

Rule of interaction: When you build something for the city, you can either have your name recorded as a founder of the city, or you can be paid $5 as an anonymous worker.

In Founder/Worker, visitors are invited to build part of a miniature New York City out of trash. Participants can them make a choice about what kind of credit they’d like for their work: cultural or monetary. They can either record their names in a book as a Volunteer Founder of the city, and their name will always be cited with this piece. Or, they can choose to be paid $5 as an Anonymous Worker. Sixty-one people left their names as Founders of the City, and nineteen people (most of them first-time wage earners under the age of ten) took money as an Anonymous Worker.

What was most interesting was how the piece began to reflect not only New York City as it is today, but New York of the past (with the World Trade Center) and how people wanted it to be (with unicorns in Central Park, vertical gardens in Chelsea, and wind turbines in Brooklyn).

City Founders:

Jimena Lara: Domino Sugar Factory
Nadine Wolf: Water Tower
Ravit Barkama: Intrepid
Isabel Willson: Washington Square Park
Adam Willson + Susan Levine: Natural History Museum Exhibit
Andres Montas: Super Skate Park
Althea Llewellyn: Random Thing
Jennifer Llewellyn: Reflectjen “Cloud Studio”
Courtney Ervin: Mountain Lounge, Spa, and Library (for Dave)
James Hayes: Blato
Coleman Hayes: Fort Clinton
David Schroeter: Wave Hill
Rabi Kieber: African Burial Ground
August Lee: Woolworth Building
Julian Ferraro: Manhattan Bridge
Aidan Bulfin: “Daddy’s Work” with green roof
Elizabeth Bulfin: Prospect Park
image of art Christy Spackman: Cemetery
image of art Sasha Ioffe: Mechanic Robot Machine
image of art Dyanne Kaufman: Carousel (Central Park)
image of art Bryan Clark: The High Line
image of art Song Chong: The Biggest Dog Park Ever!
image of art Sarina Cass: The Cyclone (Coney Island)
image of art Mac Folkes: Monument of Democracy Haunted by the Pterodactyl of Ism (A Minimalist Sculpture)
image of art Heidi Siesfeld: The Gates
image of art Gabriel Mervin-Leroy: The Liberty Statue of Liberty
image of art Yves Mervin-Leroy: The Statue of Greed (Wall Street)
image of art Zeke Parker: Housing at 135th Street and Madison
image of art Tanya Krohn + Dean Parker: 11th Street Russian Baths
image of art Camille Mervin-Leroy: Vertical Gardens
image of art Mark Seddon: Super-sonic trans-Atlantic rail network + King Kong
image of art Candance Warbuton: Legends Field (Old Yankee Stadium space)
image of art Gabriela Saldana: South Bronx Park
image of art Gabriel Carasquillo: Industrial Docks
image of art Taina Marquez: The Great Bone
image of art Rosalba Bujanda: Lafayette Gardens Building
image of art Eva Winkler and Edith Tardibuono: Sharp
image of art Jucinta Bijanda: Empire State Building
image of art Timothy Newman: Peace Gate I
image of art Anna Skiba: Bowling Green (Wall Street)
image of art Anonymous- dedicated to My Super James: 6035 B’way (Bronx)
image of art Leon James-Stanley: Garbage Truck + others
image of art Kevin Corrigan + Kerstin Nettekoven: Rockefeller Center
image of art Leah Fay: Guggenheim Museum + Claes Oldenberg Sculpture
image of art Anonymous Worker + Anonymous Worker #2: World Trade Center
image of art Chris Rocco: Empire State Building
image of art Julian Shatkin: Museum of Natural History + Grand Central Station
image of art Benjamin Foster: West Village Houses
image of art Toni Golin: Jefferson Market Library
image of art Parker Shatkin (Willow): NY Public Library Main Branch + Jersey Street
image of art Alice Jankell: Silver Towers (NYU)
image of art Nicholas DeJesus: Statue of Liberty + Parade Grounds + the Craken
image of art Asia Ingalls: Riverbank State Park
image of art Ken Brooks: RIverside and 104th Street
image of art Max Liboiron: My apartment + King Kong + naked sun bathers
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